Learn to Skate – Spring Registration is now open

Winter Schedule

STARSkate, Competitive

STARSkate 2023/2024 Spring Schedule

STARSkate 2023/2024 Fall/Winter Schedule

KICKSTARTER 2023/2024 schedule


PreSTAR 2023/2024 Spring Schedule

PreSTAR 2023/2024 Fall/Winter Schedule

Adult Star/Learn to Figure Skate

Adult 2023/2024 Spring Schedule

Adult Learn to Figure Skate 2023/2024 Fall/Winter Schedule


We offer a 10% discount for families that register 3 or more skaters across any programs.

Level Clarification

STARSkate, CompetitiveSkate

Junior: Working on Star 1-3 Freeskate

Intermediate: Passed Star 3 Freeskate and working on Axel

Senior: Passed Star 5+ Freeskate or Pre-Juvenile+


Skaters must have figure skates and have a desire to learn how to figure skate. Approval from the Skating Director ( is required before registering if the skater is new to skating. Please email us with any questions you may have.

PreSTAR Academy

For skaters 10 and under working on Star 1 STARSkate. Skaters must skate at least 2 days per week. Approval from the Skating Director ( is required before registering.