Skating Etiquette

Having proper etiquette on the ice benefits all members by allowing everyone to have a successful, safe and positive session. All members must abide the following.

Skating Etiquette 

  • Please be prompt and prepared for lessons. Use your ice time wisely….Plan your practice and practice the plan!
  • Appropriate clothing for skating  – no jeans, sweatpants or hoods allowed. Hair must be tied back and away from face.
  • Long laces should not be wrapped around the skate, as this causes the boot to wear down and also causes circulation problems. Please ensure long laces are taped in place to prevent accidents.
  • Skaters will display good sportsmanship on and off the ice at all times.
  • Inappropriate behavior, such as swearing, ice kicking, bullying or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Remember and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Coaches, Parents, Skaters and Volunteers.
  • Only water may be placed on the boards at the ice surface (no glass containers). No food or gum chewing on the ice.
  • Skaters will inform coaches ahead of time if they plan to miss a session or have to leave early/arrive late.
  • Skaters will not leave money or valuables in dressing rooms.
  • Due to insurance reasons, no skaters are allowed on the ice, until a Coach is present.
  • No standing on the ice talking in groups as this becomes a danger to those who are practicing. Talking should be done at the sides of the boards and kept to a minimum. 
  • For safety reasons, Jumps are to be practiced on the ends and Spins in the middle of the rink
  • Please get up immediately after falling unless you are hurt. Keep your head up and watch for fellow skaters. Be polite and say excuse me if you have the right of way.

Priority of right-of-way on the ice surface:

  1. Coaches
  2. Skaters testing
  3. Skaters receiving lessons
  4. Skaters using music

Priority of music being played:

  1. Testing
  2. Lessons
  3. First Come, First Served