Refund Policy

Refunds will be issued up to and including the second week of class, and will be prorated based on classes already attended. After the second week of class, a credit may be issued towards future programs. In exceptional circumstances, such as a serious medical condition, a refund may be considered for classes not yet attended. The Skate Canada membership fee cannot be refunded under any circumstance, as it is paid by Figure 8 Skating Club to Skate Canada. This refund policy applies to all Figure 8 Skating Club programs. There will be a 10% non-refundable fee for any refunds issued.

Make up Class Policy

Make up classes will only be offered if there is availability on the other session days. Figure 8 Skating Club is not required to offer make up classes but will do our best to accommodate where we can. Please email the Skating Director at info@figure8skating.ca to arrange a make up session.

Drop-in policy

Drop in classes are only available to STARSkate participants. Fees are $25 for non-members or $17 for members.  Skaters may do up to a maximum of 12 drop ins per season. All skaters (members and non-members) must get permission from the Skating Director (info@figure8skating.ca) BEFORE they come to drop in, and must also purchase drop in tickets in advance. All skaters and guest coaches must be current and valid registered members of Skate Canada and provide proof of such before requesting a drop in. 

Behavior policy

Any person misbehaving while on the ice will be asked to leave the ice for that session. If further behavior problems occur, the skater may be asked to withdraw from the class and a partial refund of programs fees will be at the discretion of the Figure 8 Skating Club.

Program Assistant Policy

StarSkate participants who have passed Star 3 Freeskate, are over the age of 10 years old, and/or have been approved by the CanSkate Coordinator, are highly encouraged to become Program Assistants. This provides skaters with valuable leadership opportunities and supports the Club to offer a strong CanSkate program which is vital to the overall success of the Club.

As per Skate Canada guidelines, Program Assistants are considered volunteers and not paid employees. Program Assistants must attend a required training session in September and January, sign up to contribute to a minimum of one class per week and find a replacement Program Assistant if they cannot attend their assigned day.

Program Assistants will be recognized by issuing a credit to their account in the amount of $5 – $7 per class, based on experience as determined by the CanSkate Coordinator. This amount will be credited to their account in January, April and July of each skating season. Senior Program Assistants who meet the Skate Canada guidelines to become a CanSkate coach, can choose to have their credits applied to CanSkate coach training program costs or any other training programs offered by Skate Canada.

Program Assistants will also be recognized at the year-end Ice Show and be named in the program brochure. Figure 8 Skating Club will also nominate one outstanding Program Assistant for the Skate Canada Section Program Assistant award, as well as award a Figure 8 Skating Club Program Assistant of the Year award. Upon request, the CanSkate Coordinator and/or the Skating Director will also write a reference letter for the Program Assistant, to help them with future opportunities.

Only Figure 8 Skating Club members can volunteer as a Program Assistant. If a Program Assistant leaves the Club prior to receiving volunteer recognition, they forfeit the recognition. The CanSkate Coordinator will determine the Program Assistant schedule.