Pre-CANSKATE is the basic learn-to-skate program for the absolute beginner offered by the club. This program is geared towards skaters age 3-7 and is designed to give them the very basics of skating and to be a fun experience. For skaters over the age 7 who have never skated, please contact the skating director at and she will advise you on where to register your older child.

Children are placed into groups according to ability and taught by a Professional Coach and assisted by qualified CANSKATE Program Assistants. The focus of this program is to make skating fun and keep the skaters interested in learning! Skating skills taught range from learning to stand and balance to going forwards and backwards.  Skatershockeyhelmet will learn educational concepts while learning to skate at the same time.  It is a “Playschool on Ice.”  This half hour group lesson is taught by a Professional CANSKATE Coach with assistance from our Program Assistants.  Pre-CANSKATERS receive report cards at the end of each session.  Coaches will let parents know when their children are ready to move onto the regular CANSKATE program.

All  Pre and CANSKATERS are required to wear CSA approved helmets.   Face shields or cages are highly recommended for skaters aged 5 and under.


FOR TIMES AND DAYS OF SKATING FOR 2017-2018 – Canskate/Pre Canskate Schedule