PreSTAR Program


PreSTAR is a program designed for skaters who wish to pursue figure skating. The PreSTAR Program is a stepping stone between our Learn to Skate programs and the STARSkate figure skating program. PreSTAR will focus on edges, spins, jumps, and stroking through small group instruction on the ice. Skaters will continue to achieve Skate Canada badges and ribbons as well as learn more advanced skills specific to figure skating and the STARSkate program. This program is suitable for any skater who has an interest in figure skating, and figure skates are required to participate. 

The PreSTAR program will consist of one hour of group lessons rotating through a team of our certified professional skating coaches. The groups will be small in size and will be based on level and age. There will also be an off ice class held either before or after the on ice session. The off ice portion of the class is equally as important as on ice training, and skaters are expected to attend.

For best results and progression, we highly recommend that PreSTAR participants skate at least 2 times per week and attend the off ice portion of the class. We offer PreSTAR sessions three times per week. Please refer to our schedule for class times and more information about this program.

PreSTAR 2022/2023 Fall/Winter Schedule

PreSTAR skaters are also invited to attend our various events throughout the season, such as the Rising Star Events, Winter Gala, Family Fun Skate and Spring Ice Show. These events are part of the program and included in registration fees.

The Skating Director will notify parents/guardians once the skater is ready to advance to the STARSkate program.

*Figure skates are required for this program*



Figure 8 Skating Club is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The success of the Club depends on the volunteer contributions of its members. Parents of PreSTAR and STARSkate participants, as well as Adult Learn to Figure Skate participants, are required to commit to 12 credits of volunteer time, sign up for a casino shift (to be held January 17-18, 2023), as well as contribute with fundraising. Note that this requirement is by family, not by the number of skaters in each family. Otherwise, a volunteer buy out fee in the amount of $300 can be made to the Club in lieu of fulfilling the volunteer requirement and casino shift. If the volunteer commitment and/or the fundraising requirement is not performed, the Club reserves the right to process the volunteer buyout fee at the end of the season. Volunteer positions are selected during online registration.

Positions will be available on a first come, first served basis. To see the list of open volunteer positions for this season, click here.