What should my skater wear? 

For CANSkate and PreCANSkate, as the arena is cold, skaters should dress in layered clothing that allows for movement. Waterproof pants are always a good idea, especially in PreCANskate, where our skaters spend a lot of time learning how to fall down and get up! Mittens or gloves must also be worn. A CSA approved helmet is mandatory (no bike/ski helmets allowed). Skaters will not be allowed on the ice without a CSA approved helmet unless they have passed the full Stage 5 badge and have been approved by a coach to remove their helmet. 

Intro to Figure Skating and STARSkate participants should wear fitted shirts/jackets and leggings/pants. No hoods, jeans, or baggy clothing will be permitted. Mittens are optional. Hair must be out of the face and tied back. 

What kind of skates should I buy? 

If your skater is in IFS or STARSkate, they must have figure skates. For other programs, lace up skates are highly recommended.

Hockey vs figure skates? Either option is fine. There is no one option that is more difficult to first learn on. However, switching from hockey to figure skates can be a hard transition. So your skater would like to be a  a figure skater, they should start with a pick! Make sure the skates are tied properly. Check out the links below for how-to videos. 

How to tie a hockey skate video

How to tie a figure skate video

Who will be coaching my skater?

Skate Canada Professional Coaches and Skate Canada Program Assistants are the experts that will be working with your skater. All coaches are certified with Skate Canada and the NCCP, and hold valid First Aid certification and police clearance checks. Program Assistants are skaters who are members of Figure 8 Skating Club. All Program Assistants have undergone training to be on the PreCanSkate and CanSkate sessions and are there to assist skaters and coaches. 

What is your make up class policy?

Make up classes will only be offered if there are spots on the other days. Figure 8 Skating Club is not required to offer make up classes but will do our best to accommodate where we can. Please email the skating director at info@figure8skating.ca to arrange a make up session.

What is your cancellation policy?

Fees are not refundable, except at the sole discretion of the Figure 8 Skating Club. The membership fee is non-refundable. Any person misbehaving while on the ice will be asked to leave the ice for that session. If further behavior problems occur, the skater may be asked to withdraw from the class and a partial refund of programs fees will be at the discretion of the Figure 8 Skating Club. Misconduct off the ice within the skating facilities, likewise will not be tolerated.

What is your drop-in policy?

Drop in classes are only available to STARSkate participants. Fees are $20 for non-members or $15 for members. Skaters may do up to a maximum of 12 drop ins per season. All skaters (members and non-members) must get permission from the skating director (email here) BEFORE they come to drop in. All skaters and guest coaches must be current and valid registered members of Skate Canada and provide proof of such before doing a drop in. 

If you have any other questions, please contact the club at info@figure8skating.ca.

Parent Code of Conduct

Skating Etiquette