2018 Kickstart Week Schedule

The 2018 Figure 8 Skating Club’s Annual Kickstart Week schedule is now available! All sessions are open to all STARskate (private) level club members, regardless of which days your skater is registered for. We encourage skaters to attend as many sessions as possible! Saturdays’ session will include an on and off ice clinic for all Intro to Figure Skating Skaters (including Mon/Wed registrants). See below for the link and details about each session.

*Sign up for each session is required and an email will be sent out with a link to register your skater.

2018 Kickstart Schedule

2018 Figure 8 Skating Club Kickstart Clinics

Sept 4, 5, 6, 8 @ Kenilworth Arena


  • Proper Warm Up (on ice)
      • Skaters will learn exactly what to do from the time they step on the ice. Stroking warm-up exercises, order of elements, how many attempts at each element, and proper cool downs will all be taught. Does your skater claim to ‘have nothing left to do?’ on their sessions? Never again! Our skaters will learn how to practice efficiently and schedule their sessions properly. A great learning opportunity for all levels of skaters!


  • Music and Props
      • A creative movement class involving different styles of music, props, and storylines. Your skater’s creative side will be sure to come out on these sessions!


  • Set Ups
      • Setting up a jump or a spin properly is the most important part of an element. Without a good set up, there are many things that could go wrong! Skaters will learn how to set up their spins and jumps on these sessions, focusing on control and alignment.


  • Choreographic Movements/Field Movements
      • Solos and group numbers are filled with different connecting steps and movements that really bring the number to life. Skaters will learn a variety of different movements to help make future choreography more intricate and fun.


  • Boot Breaker Stroking
    • Bending, bending, and more bending! Skaters are required to have deep knee and ankle bend in skating and these stroking sessions will be full of exercises to develop good quality bend.



  • Ice Breakers
      • We want all of our skaters to have fun, build friendships, and feel like part of a team. Our Ice Breaker sessions are full of fun activities and get-to-know-you games. Our coaches will also participate in these games and activities so skaters will have a chance to get to know the whole team!


  • Mindfulness (off ice, please bring a yoga mat)
      • Join Nikki Henriksen, who has been teaching yoga since 2007 and has spent the last 5 years all over Edmonton’s schools, from elementary to high school teaching kids yoga and mindfulness exercises. This class with be fun and interactive. Your child will have an opportunity to practice many different ways of becoming more mindful and relaxed. Kids will be lead through fun ways for moving their bodies, breathing exercises for sleep, relaxing and also to build more energy. The goal is to help your child connect with
        • 1. Compassion
        • 2. Resilience
        • 3. Self- regulation
        • 4. Self awareness (building self esteem.)


  • Dance
      • Peyton Black will be leading a fun and upbeat dance class to help the skaters achieve the relationship between music and movement that is also required in skating.


  • Fitness Testing
      • Our new Personal Trainer (Jennifer) will be doing fitness testing on all of our skaters. Throughout the season, they will continue to be monitored and tested on their progression. A great way for the skaters to see their improvement!


  • Proper Warm Up (off ice, please bring a yoga mat and skipping rope)
    • Skaters will learn/review the best way to get warmed up before heading out on the ice before a practice session as well as a test or competition. Warming up off  ice is just as important as the on ice warm up. It helps skaters practice more efficiently and safely.



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